Affiliate Offers

Our mission is to help children be safe when using social media sites – there should be no fear of Cyber Bullying. One way we want to reach as many people as possible is to use affiliate offers – if you have connections to a group of parent, social group or even school – why not introduce them to XRayData and allow more people to protect the children in their care.
It is a free service where anyone can sign up and share the news that technology can help in the fight against Cyberbullying. It can be very easy to do – even just sharing on your own social networks, or talking to other parents will bring new people to explore XRayData and you can be rewarded for your efforts. We would rather reward parents and educators than advertising companies.
Affiliates earn 25% of all sales – almost $50 per sale per user for annual sales with your affiliate code. If a school signs up with 1,000 students – this could be $50,000.
We offer a free series of e-books for individual users who sign up for the annual plan. We offer this and e-resource packs/lesson plans for schools who sign up (for every user student).
Our system includes the human monitoring of negative posts, yet ensures the child’s privacy is respected, as only negative posts are reported. There is no downloads, no installs and no apps to place on every device – it is very simple to set up and easy to use.
If you think you know parents or educators who might be interested – why not click on the button below and register as a partner and help spread the word about XRayData.

Why is it important to protect our children from CyberBullying?

Cyber Bullying, Online Grooming, Inappropriate Intimacy among teenagers is a relatively new global problem.  Scientific research has shown that bullying or even worse – Cyber Bullying, can have a permanent damaging impact on any child. Immediate impacts could include lower school grades and under performance, bad behaviour and mood swings to long term damage which can impact our children’s future employment or even relationships. Cyber Bullying could be described as one of the worst forms of bullying – as it is the easiest to do. It never stops even when a child is sitting at home with their parents, they could be getting bullied online – even by people from around the world that they do not know.
We are one of the first companies in the world to target CyberBullying with human moderation to ensure 98% accuracy of alerts.  We are not a virus protection company.  It does not matter what device a child uses to log into their social media account, it does not even have to be their own device.
Join us and help solve one of the largest global problems facing our children today.

Annual Sales for Affiliates

  • Annual Price $189 per user (cheaper than monthly price).
  • As an affiliate you earn 25% of each person signed up annually – this is almost $50 per person.
  • If a group of 20 sign up – this is almost $1,000 in commission, which is recurring each year.

Monthly Sales for Affiliates

  • Usual monthly fee $19 per month.
  • For each of these monthly sales we give affiliates 25% – almost $5 per month by 12 = almost $60 per year.
  • If a group of 20 sign up – this is almost $1,200 in commission or just under $100 per month.

Half Yearly Sales (6 Monthly)

  • Usual Price $109 per 6 months (cheaper for user than monthly).
  • For each of these monthly sales we give affiliates 25% – almost $30 every 6 months by 12 = almost $60 per year.
  • If a group of 20 sign up – this is almost $1,200 in commission or just under $600 every 6 months.

Become An Affiliate!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes anyone can – its a very simple process to register, just by clicking on the link above – you create an account. Then you sign in and get your unique affiliate code. This can be shared on your social media accounts, through email or with friends.
Every sale you make gives you 25% of that sale – if it is for a monthly or annual account. You earn this revenue for the life of the membership. So if someone signs up and pays monthly for 1 child over 5 years for example – this would mean $19×12 for the 1st year, then x 5 for 5 years – which is $1,140. You get 25% of this subscription after every payment is made. In this example this would be $285.
No, there is no limit – it is totally down to the number of people you introduce to the software. You will earn 25% of every sale for as long as the user is in the system.
We offer an excellent 25% on every sale. Also our product is something that solves a very worrying problem for many parents today, how to protect their children on social media. Over 1 million children are bullied online every day in the UK according to a survey released in October 2013. In the USA the government published it was 52% of children. Cyber Bullying is one of the worst aspects of the internet and we want to help stop this.
We want to reach people locally, we want to help as many people as possible. We strongly believe this can be done better with a select group of excellent affiliates. That is why we created this program. Traditional print is becoming less effective, everyone is bombarded with adverts on social media sites – so we decided this would be the best route for us to follow.
Yes – very few weeks will see minor or major updates being released. In fact we will be working on improving the system everyday. We have a long list of features we want to add to the software and these are all included in the price above and will be released to users automatically.
This software is specially build for 2 groups. Firstly it is for schools or groups – such as religious groups or community groups. We believe strongly in education and protection – and offer both to groups. Secondly to parents who want to know that their children are safe online.

Yes – while the offer on the affiliate page says Dollars – it can be paid for in Sterling or even Euro- everything will be converted back to Dollars. Anyone around the world can buy the software – so it truly is a global offer.